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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Separation Of Church & State

CNN: Rep. Harris: Church-state separation 'a lie'

I am not endorsing this representative, but I would like to say that in many ways she is absolutely right! Our understanding of the separation of church and state is very inaccurate! What our founding fathers intended, and the reason they left Europe in the first place, was that government would not have a say in the area of religion, NOT the other way around!

Of COURSE religion should play a part in government. Of COURSE peoples' beliefs and convictions should play a major role in how they govern themselves! This is what she was saying when she referred to it as being a 'lie'.

This common idea that believers should play no role in politics is so absurd, even an atheist must admit that if he himself wants to have any input in the government. It is our JOB to tell the government how they should govern us! We MUST involve our beliefs and convictions, whether we are Christians or atheists!